Rama Organica Deck

The Rama Organica allows anyone from beginners to experts and teachers to make rejuvenating postures, breathing exercises, and meditations part of daily life. 

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Yoga, Breath, Meditation and Om´s

The yoga deck is a wonderful new addition to Rama Organica. The  Deck was created to enhance the entire space and to allow our guests to get the most out of their time in the jungle.

The deck is made from treated pine and the design is called rancho style. The deck is surrounded by beautiful flowers and has an epic view of the lake. You can often feel a gentle breeze blow through the structure while you listen to the majestic sounds of nature. The deck is crucial for gatherings, transformational get-togethers, and yoga teacher training. We are committed to recognizing the SELF therefore we see the space as a doorway to your innermost being whether that is through yoga, meditation, breathing work, or movement. Whatever your favorite practice is you are welcome to join us in retreat or as a guest, take a moment away from your busy schedule and drop into a jungle ambiance that won’t disappoint.

The deck can comfortably hold twenty people, often the gathering point for many of our retreats. The deck is easily accessible and positioned perfectly central to all other buildings on the farm. We have also held community dinners, banquets, and kirtan here. The greatest aspect of the Deck is the versatility of having an open space for just about any activity. We are committed to the Self therefore in the future we are hoping to have some Satsangs here at Rama, the addition has been wonderful and is the perfect place for deep inner work.

Whether you are on retreat or just passing through chat with the Rama Family for specific needs. We have contacts with many healers and guides therefore if you are searching for a specific type of healing we will be able to help you.

With the deck, we offer group sessions and private sessions. If it is massage or healing you after this can be the most awesome place for that experience. 

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