The Dome is one of the most unique living spaces we have on the farm at Rama . It has a secluded, open floor plan with a king size bed, kitchen, living space, dining table and wrap around deck with stunning sunset views. The Dome is truly a unique jungle experience.

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The Dome is an exceptional building of high design . Built by Tico Domes and a friend here in the valley . 

Other than their unique eye-catching design, the dome shape yields tangible benefits. Romans used domes way back in 100 AD . The dome is most certainly an energy efficient building . Domes have a long architectural history for good reason.

The dome shape is one of the sturdiest shapes in nature. Much of that durability results from the characteristics of triangles, which are the superheroes of shapes. Triangles are the strongest shape because they have fixed angles and don’t distort very easily.” Modern dome homes are made from joining triangles together. Domes are the only architectural shape that actually gets proportionally stronger the larger it is. If there is any form of natural disaster i would like to be in a dome . 

Dome homes are naturally energy efficient. The first reason is the concave inner structure allows heat and air to circulate naturally. Next, there is about 30% less surface area on a dome home. The reduced surface area of the exterior means the home absorbs less heat and cold from outside. Finally, the dome’s aerodynamic shape lessens the turbulence of extreme wind.  Geodesic shelters have been built all around the world in different climates and temperatures and still they have proven to be the most efficient human shelter one can find.  

A dome-shaped house is striking with its uniqueness . Domes consist of high ceilings and create an open and light atmosphere. However, as with any open floor plan, noises are carried and amplified a little however you have free surround sound ! Dome homes have a well-loved place in architecture. Domes are a classic structure in human history due to their strength and natural energy efficiency. Because dome homes are rare, they are special . 

Ask any of our guests who have stayed in the Dome they absolutely loved their experience . 

-Casa Govinda

-Casa Govinda

CASA GOVINDA Casa Govinda is jungle living in high comfort. La casa has 3 secluded bedrooms, two with double beds and one with a single bed. All rooms share a bathroom , kitchen and lounge space.facebookyoutubeinstagramcontact usLiving In Rama Organica   Govinda...

-Casa Guacamayo

-Casa Guacamayo

CASAGUACAMAYO Casa Guacamayo can only be described as “jungle-chic”. The rooms are furnished with king size beds, spacious showers, private balconies, and air conditioning. Guacamayos rooms are the perfect balance between jungle style living and superior comfort...

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