Rama Organica
Natural Pool

Swiming in natural pool. The peaceful water adds a new dimension to the farm, creating a calming and soothing effect.

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The natural pool is a brilliant place to relax, cool down and chill. The water comes from the spectacular Talamanca mountain range which is behind our farm .

The Diamante waterfall is the longest waterfall in Costa Rica. The waterfall is about two hundred meters from the farm. The water is some of the cleanest and purest water on the planet. Once you take a dip in the natural pool you will feel every cell in your body tingle , there is no doubt that swimming in the natural pool is one of the most healing things you can do. Enjoy the water on a hot summer’s day where the pool is surrounded by the most gorgeous nature and views of greenery. One can hear the trickle of water falling from the nearby creek while enjoying time in the pool. The best thing you could do for yourself while at Rama is to have frequent swims in the natural pool. There is a gorgeous deck next to the pool for quiet time and contemplation .

The deck has also been used for circle gatherings next to the water. The ceremony has also been held on the deck where we will pray and give thanks for all of the abundances which we constantly receive. The natural pool is also amazing at Rama for sweat lodges and has been used for cooling down after a four hour sweat. Whether you are wanting to recover from a day hike or beach adventure the natural pool offers great rejuvenation and healing .

The pool at Rama closes after dark for safety reasons. Another exceptional opportunity is to sit down and meditate at the pool in the early morning when there is a sublime freshness. Monkeys are often spotted around the pool area.

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