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Nauyaca Waterfall – an ultimate step on your breathtaking journey to clarity and self-discovery.

The promised land of Costa Rica has a lot of spectacular sights that allow you to escape the fuss of everyday routine and experience the ultimate connection with Mother Nature. Nauyaca Waterfall  – the two sets of waterfalls located in South Costa Rica, that create a natural pool for swimming is the true embodiment of unbridled yet peaceful purification power of Nature. This might be a significant milestone on your path to peace and clarity. Rama Organica – the wellness center in Costa Rica would be honored to be your porter on the way to peace, balance, and unforgettable feeling of connection between your inner world and the powerful energy of Earth.


Pure Energy

Water has always been a symbol of purification and life. It has the unbridled power that can heal and destroy – the true expression of the whole concept of powerful yet nourishing energy of Mother Nature. Nauyaca Waterfall is the ultimate expression of the fierce power of water that gives life, peace, and creates a unique ecosystem that you might not find anywhere else in the world. The healing and nourishing energy concentrated in this majestic sight has given life to numerous medicine plants growing on the shores of a natural pool. It is the true expression of the desire of Mother Earth to heal and treat our deeply wounded society. Just like a mother would not be furious towards a child for graze and bruises that he gets in a spree, but offer him a nourishing ointment, our common and ultimate mother – the Nature provides us with such generous patches on a suffering body of our planet.

From the very first day, Rama Organica has set ultimate wellness and inspirational renaissance as its main goals. Nauyaca Waterfall area was chosen for the basic setting as the true place of power. Being the most famous conductor in natural science, Nauyaca Waterfall becomes a spiritual conductor for numerous people who come to visit this place seeking connection with Nature, purification from routine, and ultimate spiritual re-birth. We all know that physical wellness is simply a meaningless cardboard decoration if it is not supported by careful and thoughtful spiritual practices. After establishing the physical connection with Nature at this magnificent sight, the instructors of our wellness center will be happy to conduct you to the deepest layers of spiritual re-birth and the original ancient energy of the Nauyaca Waterfall will help us on this winding yet exciting path.


The place where it all begins

The Nauyaca Waterfall lies deep in the pure and untouched rainforests of Costa Rica. Just like the powerful mothering energy that lies in the womb of a female goddess willing to nourish and surround her naughty children with love and care. The location of Nauyaca Waterfall itself is a perfect example of hoe Nature may cherish its treasuries, yet be accessible to those who truly want to connect with it. Despite a secret location, getting to the Nauyaca Waterfall is very easy. The more unbelievable it is how such a welcoming and accessible area may generate such a sacred and exquisite energy of pure and untouched nature.

The way to the Nauyaca Waterfall itself is an ultimate embodiment of a path to true re-connection with nature. On the trail, you will be truly fascinated with the breathtaking sights of Baru River and then ascend a majestic steep hill. Isn`t it a true path from headwaters to the limitless space of the Universe? On your way, you will witness the original wildlife in its natural habitat. No bars or barriers – only you and the fauna of the promised land of Costa Rica. This will be an ultimate preparation for your upcoming entire connection with treasures of a wild and untouched tropical nature. Except for diverse and unique wildlife, you will have a chance to see the inimitable greenery of the region. Most of the beautiful flowers, majestic trees, silky vegetation, and medicine plants that you will casually meet on the hike, cannot be found anywhere else in the world. So visiting the Nauyaca Waterfall you are given an exclusive chance to touch the opulence offerings of Mother Nature itself. Would it not feel great to conduct your journey to the ultimate body and soul wellness among those magnificent and inimitable sights? The trail might be volatile – plain and easy at one point and muddy and rocky at another. But isn`t the way to true happiness the same? Anyway, you have nothing to worry about as our instructors and guides will always take good care of you and your safety.


You will be rewarded

The sight of Nauyaca Waterfall will be an ultimate reward for going through the whole hiking track. You will see a wide canyon covered in lush and untouched greenery constantly nourished with the life-giving mist of cascading water. Both upper and lower falls are easily accessible due to steps leading to them, but you will want to stay on the ground level longer. From here you will have an ultimate sight at all the cascading water, roaring fiercely yet giving life and nourishment to the unique ecosystem that has formed around this area. Here you are getting the chance to become a part of this ecosystem, the part of the Universe itself. Here you may also access a unique natural swimming pool, almost like Nature itself has created it on purpose so you can clear ourselves physically and mentally in pure blue waters.

After enjoying the lower level, you may sit the upper Nauyaca Falls with a 45-meter cliff and numerous spectacular cascades. Here you will find the ultimate balance between powerful ancient energy and peacefulness of untouched nature. And the smooth rocky surface of this area is perfect for physical yoga and spiritual practices. This is a place to cognize the true connection of your body, soul and the energy of the Universe represented on so many levels al this tropical paradise.

Nauyaca Waterfalls is one of the most magnificent natural attractions that you simply cannot miss. Our retreat center will help you to discover the ultimate side of this magnificent area that represents the true connection with Nature, physical and spiritual purification, and achievement a whole new level of self-acknowledgment and wellness.

No matter whether you are just taking the first steps towards self-discovery through spiritual and yoga practices, or you have already made a long way on this exciting a promising journey, Rama Organica is a retreat center in Costa Rica that will be happy to assist you on your way.



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