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Organic farming is a method of crop and livestock production that involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones. Take a tour in Rama Organica Farm.

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Organic Farm in Costa Rica

Rama Organica Organic Farm has been an organic farm for over 15 years . The farm was called Ecoloco before . The previous owners dedicated their lives to organic farming principles and the farm supplied the local markets and community with fresh fruit and vegetables .

Since taking over the farm approximately four years ago we were well aware of the great care which had been given to the land.  Once we arrived there was a ton of work to do, the previous owners had not been on the farm for one and a half years hence we had a lot of hard graft to take care of … We had a team work the land and start a cleanup and tidy process and to be honest that has never really stopped for the last four years. We have put a huge amount of time and energy into cultivating the land and making everything perfectly neat for guests. The green garden is one of the highlights of the farm and we are proud to say we are fully organic.

We have built the greenhouse from scratch again and built new beds for all of the plants. The soil had been worked and new nourished soil added many times with different ferments too. Each season we look to improve the amount of food we can produce and have become even more precise in the process and with what we produce . We hope that we can continue with the most incredible organic veggies for many years to come.

We have reforested a big part of the land . Here we replanted about eight hundred different varieties of fruit trees. Mainly cocos, mandarin , oranges, avos, papaya, Guanabana, piña, platanos , banana and snake fruit and many many more .  Rama Organica is roughly twenty seven hectares in size and about seventy percent of the farm is primary forest and hence we plan on keeping it that way. About thirty percent of the land has been developed with eco-sustainable style buildings. We also have an epic dome on the farm built with eco-sustainable principles.

Our goal at Rama Organica from the start has been to give more than we take. With this attitude we have seen many more animals coming to the farm. We share fruit with the animals on the land.  There are many exotic birds which frequent the land, often the wonderful bird family the Oropendolas set up their home close to the green garden. It is known that these incredible birds are only attracted to very high vibrational spaces. Their musical songs can be heard all around the farm and at times it can sound like r2d2 from the star wars. Our mission at Rama is to be in complete communion with the land and animals with total respect for all life. We believe in sustainable processes and hope to one day be completely independently sustainable. We have come to understand that nature is everything and that every small act of kindness matters.

We have an incredible team here at Rama and we are so grateful to all of our workers they are a fantastic team. The land has been perfectly worked and the men have done an outstanding job. 

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