Is the full immersion into jungle living. This secluded one bedroom house is located within a short walk to all common areas. The house is equipped with its own private deck, bathroom, kitchen, and king size bed.

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Rama Organica


Casa Talamanca has been named after the incredible stretch of mountains  . Rama Organica is at the base of this mountain range . 

Rising into the clouds on the continental divide is the Talamanca mountain range, home to the Montane rainforest or other name the cloud forest .  This region includes largely unexplored areas . It is home to an array of Tropical bird species such as the Quetzal (pharomachrus mocinno) and several other species of the Trogon family, and many mammals such as the Jaguar and the Ocelot.

The whole of the Talamanca mountain range is not considered volcanic . It’s complete geological structure includes marine sediments, lava and igneous intrusions. 

We also find the Cerro Chirripo, the highest peak in Costa Rica , which is host to the sub alpine and páramo ecosystems. Access to the peak in the Chirripo national park is a very hard mountain to climb but a good challenge for serious hikers .

The Talamanca range is accessible through the South Interamerican Highway, which makes it an ideal destination when en route to Corcovado and for bird watcher enthusiasts .

-Casa Govinda

-Casa Govinda

CASA GOVINDA Casa Govinda is jungle living in high comfort. La casa has 3 secluded bedrooms, two with double beds and one with a single bed. All rooms share a bathroom , kitchen and lounge space.facebookyoutubeinstagramcontact usLiving In Rama Organica   Govinda...

-Casa Guacamayo

-Casa Guacamayo

CASAGUACAMAYO Casa Guacamayo can only be described as “jungle-chic”. The rooms are furnished with king size beds, spacious showers, private balconies, and air conditioning. Guacamayos rooms are the perfect balance between jungle style living and superior comfort...

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