There are three rooms in Casa Tumbas they are high in comfort with a mix of queen and single beds. Each room has its own bathroom. The ground level is equipped with a communal kitchenette and lounging area. Beautiful gardens surround the building . 

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Rama Organica


Casa Tumbas’s direct translation is the House Tombs . It has been revealed that there are many tombs here , of the indigeinous people that once lived in this valley . 

The Shamans from the south and north would converge here to gather and trade . They would exchange medicines , foods , goods and healings .

The spirit of the land has been felt before and no doubt our ancestors still keep watch over the land . There are many folklore stories of beings discovering gold and ancient relics from these tombs before . 

No doubts the mystical presence of our forefathers can be sensed and they are certainly keeping watch over us now .

-Casa Govinda

-Casa Govinda

CASA GOVINDA Casa Govinda is jungle living in high comfort. La casa has 3 secluded bedrooms, two with double beds and one with a single bed. All rooms share a bathroom , kitchen and lounge space.facebookyoutubeinstagramcontact usLiving In Rama Organica   Govinda...

-Casa Guacamayo

-Casa Guacamayo

CASAGUACAMAYO Casa Guacamayo can only be described as “jungle-chic”. The rooms are furnished with king size beds, spacious showers, private balconies, and air conditioning. Guacamayos rooms are the perfect balance between jungle style living and superior comfort...

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