Casa Guacamayo can only be described as “jungle-chic”. The rooms are furnished with king size beds, spacious showers, private balconies, and air conditioning. Guacamayos rooms are the perfect balance between jungle style living and superior comfort .

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The Casa Guacamayo is an Eco maderas made structure the elements are perfectly blended in with nature . These wooden structures of treated pine are finely crafted . The apartments each have gorgeous decks . Perfectly suited for your getaway in the jungle . The Casa Guacamayo was born when the wonderful song by Danit  “Gucamayo” came out !. The Guacamayo is the Macaw of the rainforest . Latin american birds from the Amazon and other rainforests in South America  . 

The Feathers of these exquisite and colourful birds adorn prayer sticks in sacred healing ceremonies .  The Hopi, who descended from the Anasazi, have a Parrot Kachina spirit. The Macaw was seen as a Guardian they are related to the direction of the South, a symbol of healing and fertility . The people of the towns saw them as the bird of the Sun . Many South American tribes believe the Macaw brings healing through its array of unbelievable colours .

 The Macaw is considered vital for the forest especially as they are great forages . They love fruits and nuts hence they are master propagators for the Forest . The Macaw for the Bororo Tribe has been said to be the messenger of the Gods and ancestors .They see the bird as a symbol of sacred union .  The Inga Tribe see this magnificent creature as a superpower . The representation is one of grace and peace . Protector of the wind element . These brilliant birds normally form a bond with a mate  . Living together sometimes for up to 80 years . They are friends with other bird species and share food . 

We are honoured by this animal spirit . Many sensational birds grace the Land hence we named our 3 bedroomed eco friendly building Guacamayo . 

-The Dome

-The Dome

THE DOME The Dome is one of the most unique living spaces we have on the farm at Rama . It has a secluded, open floor plan with a king size bed, kitchen, living space, dining table and wrap around deck with stunning sunset views. The Dome is truly a unique jungle...

-Casa Govinda

-Casa Govinda

CASA GOVINDA Casa Govinda is jungle living in high comfort. La casa has 3 secluded bedrooms, two with double beds and one with a single bed. All rooms share a bathroom , kitchen and lounge space.facebookyoutubeinstagramcontact usLiving In Rama Organica   Govinda...

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